Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan zebrafish laboratory

Associate Professor Benjamin M. Hogan

Principal Investigator | Hogan Lab

Co-Director UQ Centre for Cardiac and Vascular Biology

NHMRC & Heart Foundation Career Development Fellow
Co-Division Head Genomics Of Development and Disease, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the University of Queensland
Affiliated Senior Research Fellow SBMS, Faculty Of Medicine And Biomedical Sciences, the University of Queensland


I completed my PhD in 2004 followed by a period as a Cancer Council postdoctoral fellow at the Ludwig Institute (Melbourne) using the zebrafish model. In 2006, I moved to the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands where I applied large-scale zebrafish forward genetic screening to study lymphatic vascular development in the embryo. In the first vertebrate mutagenesis screen for lymphatic mutants, several new molecular regulators of lymphatic development were identified, including Ccbe1, later found to be responsible for lymphatic dysplasia and lymphoedema in Hennekam syndrome patients. In 2010, I returned to Australia as a group leader and ARC Future Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Brisbane. I remain focused on understanding the process of vascular development in the vertebrate embryo with a focus on lymphatics.

Lymphatic vessels are used by tumours to spread throughout the body, they also play crucial roles in common cardiovascular diseases. Hence, there is a significant need to be able to either restrict of promote lymphatic vessel formation in disease. By gaining a deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms that control vessel development, my laboratory hopes to open up new molecular approaches to manipulate vessel growth.

Our research investigates how our vascular lineages and networks form during the development of the vertebrate embryo. We aim to discover new genes and molecular pathways essential for vessel development, primarily using the zebrafish embryo as a model biological system. We couple whole genome sequencing with phenotype based screening and genome editing to study gene function and mechanism. We also image vascular development with ever-increasing experimental resolution to observe and understand novel developmental processes for the first time.


Phone: +61 7 3346 2105
Institute for Molecular Bioscience: Associate Professor Ben Hogan
UQ Researchers: Associate Professor Ben Hogan





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2016, ANZSCDB Emerging Leader Award, Australia and New Zealand Society for Developmental Biology


2015, Recipient of Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship*, National Heart Foundation


2015, Recipient of NHMRC Career Development Fellowship and National Health and Medical Research Council Australia Fellowship (Co-funded)


2015, Researcher of the Year Award for 2014, National Heart Foundation


2011, Recipient of ARC Future Fellowship, Australian Research Council


2010, Foundation Research Excellence Award, University of Queensland


2009, Postdoctoral Investigators Award, National Association of Research Fellows (NARF) of the NHMRC Australia


2007, Recipient of EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship, European Molecular Biology Organization


2007, Recipient CJ Martin Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council Australia


2005, Recipient of Cancer Council of Victoria Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Council of Victoria


2004, Ludwig Institute Student Medal for achievements in PhD research, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne


2001-2004  Doctor of Philosphy, University of Melbourne, The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

2000-2000  Honours 1st Class, University of Melbourne

1996-1999  Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, University of Glasgow