Neil from the Hogan laboratory

Dr Neil Bower

Postdoctoral Researcher | Hogan Lab

Genomics Of Development and Disease, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the University of Queensland


After completing his PhD at The University of Queensland and CSIRO in 2006, Neil moved to The Scottish Ocean Institute at The University of St Andrews, UK where he examined the role of IGF signalling in muscle development and performed a large scale genomic analysis to identify novel genes involved in muscle growth (BBSRC and MAST funded fellowships).

In his current position at the IMB, Neil works as a Research officer in the Hogan laboratory where he is interested in the use of genome editing technologies such as TALENs and CRISPRs to understand the vascular system with vascular disorders as a biological focus.

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UQ Researchers: Dr Neil Bower

With the Hogan lab since 2011


Discoveries in the media


May 2017

Neil Bower and researchers from the Hogan lab led by Ben Hogan have discovered a new type of lymphatic brain cell in zebrafish, described in humans as 'mato' or lipid laden cells, which clear fats and lipids from the brain. The discovery, a collaboration with researchers from The University of Melbourne, Monash Univeristy and Japan's National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Centre was published in Nature Neuroscience on 1st May.

Nature Neuroscience Bower and Hogan 2017

The discovery was featured on the Nature Neuroscience cover: major arteries (yellow), surrounded by mural lymphatic endothelial cells (magenta), enter the zebrafish brain ventrally (nuclei are in cyan), while networks of finer blood capillaries permeate the deeper tissue in this cross-section composite image.


The discovery was featured on 7 international scientific and medical news sites including EurekAlert!, MedicalXpress, Fierce Biotech, Science Newsline, The Medical News, Medical News Today, The University of Queensland and the scientific blogs Neuroscience News and Brain Blogger.


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UQ Press Release 2 May 2017 Scientists surprised to discover lymphatic 'scavenger' brain cells


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February 2017

The discovery that Vegfd modulates both angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis during zebrafish embryonic development was featured on the cover of Development. The cover image shows a confocal projection (pseudocoloured yellow) of the blood vasculature of a 72 hpf Tg(fli1a:egfp) zebrafish embryo injected with flt1 morpholino. Flt1 suppresses Vegfd and Vegfc signalling, which drives hyperbranching in developing intersegmental arteries. See Research article by Bower et al. on p. 507.

Development Bower and Hogan 2017

Development Issue 144(3) February 2017








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Koltowska et al 2015




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Additional Key Publications


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Reviews, Commentaries and Book Chapters

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