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Ben Hogan, the 2016 ANZSCDB Emerging Leader


Ben Hogan, the 2016 ANZSCDB Emerging Leader

Congratulations to Associate Professor Ben Hogan on being awarded the ANZSCDB Emerging Leader for 2016.


Transition to independence is one of the most challenging and critical stages in the career of a research scientist. By recognising the research achievements and leadership abilities of young group leaders, this award encourages and supports emerging investigators in the fields of cell and developmental biology across Australia and New Zealand.


"Not being cautious with questions and taking risks with the lab's direction" is one of the key decisions that helped Ben achieve the Emerging Leader Award.


And Ben's advice for postdocs becoming group leaders, "by moving abroad and picking a project that is bold and will challenge you, you have a much greater chance of making a significant discovery, you expose yourself to new research cultures and develop unique skill that you can apply when you start your own lab".


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