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Ben Hogan honoured by the Heart Foundation


Ben Hogan honoured by the Heart Foundation

Ealier this year, Dr Ben Hogan was honoured by the Heart Foundation, receiving the 2014 Researcher of the Year Award. On the 5th of November, Members and Supporters of the Heart Foundation toured the Hogan Lab at the IMB and spoke to researchers from the Hogan and Smith labs about their work. The event aired across Australia on Channel 7's 6pm News. Deborah Fraser from the Heart Foundation said "Our supporters were captivated and inspired with the research that is taking place in vascular biology development and genetics and cardiac development. You have an extraordinary research facility there at IMB and we are very grateful to have experienced it today."

Photo: Ben speaking to Heart Foundation supporters, Anita, James, Heather and Violet. Image credit: Aimee Parker, Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

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