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Ben's news and views published in Nature


Ben's news and views published in Nature

Ben Hogan was invited by Nature to write a news and views article for this month's edition of the prestigious journal (04 June 2015). Co-written with Brian Black, the article reviews two recent studies of the cells that give rise to lymphatic vessels, revealing that precursors arise from unexpected sources, and demonstrating that the origins of this vasculature are more diverse than anticipated.

"The lymphatic vasculature is a specialized network that drains fluid from tissues and enables immune-cell trafficking and surveillance throughout the body. This major constituent of the circulatory system was long considered to be ancillary to the blood vasculature, and as such has received less attention than its counterpart. As a result, although the roles of lymphatic vessels in tissue maintenance and disease are now well appreciated, their origins have remained contentious for more than a century. Two studies in this issue provide insights into the origins of the lymphatic vasculature." To read the complete article, click on the Nature link below.

Hogan BM and Black BL. Developmental biology: Diversity in the lymphatic vasculature. Nature 2015, Jun 4; 522(7554):37-8.


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