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Cardiac organoid research on the Node


Cardiac organoid research on the Node

Holly Voges, Enzo Porrello and James Hudson from the UQ CCVB Cardiac Regeneration Lab have been interviewed by The Node from the Company of Biologists for their paper in the new Special Issue of Development devoted to organoids.


The use of organoids – which can be defined as artificially grown masses of cells or tissue that resemble organs – in basic and clinical research has snowballed in recent years, providing insight into fundamental developmental processes and disease etiology. Today’s paper comes from the new Special Issue of Development devoted entirely to organoids, and reports the use of human cardiac organoids to address the regenerative capacity of the immature heart. We caught up with first author Holly Voges, and her co-supervisors Enzo Porrello and James Hudson, from the Cardiac Regeneration Lab at The University of Queensland.


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Development of a human cardiac organoid injury model reveals innate regenerative potential.

Holly K. Voges, Richard J. Mills, David A. Elliott, Robert G. Parton, Enzo R. Porrello, James E. Hudson
Read the paper here