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Mat Francois awarded Cancer Council Project Grant


Mat Francois awarded Cancer Council Project Grant

We are pleased to announce that Dr Mat Francois has been awarded a Research Project Grant from Cancer Council Queensland. The funding totalling $200,000 over two years, will allow Mat and his team to investigate how blood vessel formation and growth is genetically regulated.

The formation of a blood vessel network is essential for foetal implantation and growth of the embryo during development. This biological process also plays a pivotal role in diseases such as cancers, wound healing, stroke, and tissue regeneration. This research project will focus on investigating at a molecular level, how genes are coordinated to instruct blood vessel formation. Stimulated new vessel formation called angiogenesis, occurs in cancer growth and metastasis. The molecular events controlling abberant angiogenesis in disease are likely to be the same events that occur in new vessel formation in the developing embryo. Understanding the genes involved is therefore a crucial step in developing new therapies to control blood vessel formation and growth.

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SOX18-VEGF cross-regulation during angiogenesis and blood vascular development, 2016-2017, $200,000

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