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Mat Francois awarded NHMRC Career Development Fellowship


Mat Francois awarded NHMRC Career Development Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Mat Francois who has just been awarded a Career Development Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council. The funding will allow Mat and his team of researchers to understand the molecular and cellular dysregulations that underpin vascular disorders.


Blood and lymphatic vessels play critical roles during growth and development of the embryo as well as maintaining homeostastis in adult tissues. Abnormalities that occur in these vessels during embryogenesis are associated with human diseases such as primary lymphoedema, vascular malformations associated with genetic disorders and solid cancer metastasis. By taking advantage of a research approach that combines developmental biology and preclinical model systems, Dr Francois and his team will advance our knowledge of the molecules involved in vascular disease, in turn opening up new avenues for combination therapies to treat these diseases.

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Transcriptional basis of blood and lymphatic vessels formation



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