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New funding to investigate how the heart endocardium forms


New funding to investigate how the heart endocardium forms

UQ Centre for Cardiac and Vascular Biology research teams led by Dr Kelly Smith and Dr Nathan Palpant have been awarded funding by the Australian Research Council for a groundbreaking new discovery research project.


The award, which will fund research into how one of the major tissues in the heart (the endocardium) forms, is one of 87 University of Queensland projects funded by more than $37 million in the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) latest grants round.


“We congratulate our lead researchers and their dedicated teams and support staff in securing funding for these 87 projects,” said acting UQ Vice-Cancellor and President Professor Aidan Byrne.


Dr Kelly Smith & Dr Nathan Palpant
Understanding the differentiation of the endocardium

The endocardium lines the inside of the heart and is the interface between circulating blood and beating heart muscle. Defects in this tissue are a major cause of death and disease and yet we have a poor understanding about the genetic cues that govern endocardial development, a limitation toward ongoing efforts in cardiac tissue engineering and regenerative stem cell therapies. This project aims to understand the genetic regulation of endocardial development and create new knowledge about how the heart is formed as a step toward growing and regenerating damaged heart tissue.


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