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Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, 21-24 September 2017
how blood vessels develop
We investigate
How do newborn mice regenerate their damaged hearts?
We investigate heart development in zebrafish using fluorescent imaging
We investigate lymphatic development and disease
Some cells must make a choice to become heart, vasculature or blood
The heart and vasculature are the first organs to function in the developing embryo. Without them, life cannot progress and our cardiovascular system is crucial for our health throughout life. We aim to understand the genetic and cellular regulation of heart and vascular formation during embryonic development, regeneration and in disease. We generate fundamental knowledge that is pivotal to understanding how mistakes arise in congenital and acquired cardiovascular disease and how we can promote tissue regeneration and repair in disease.

Our Research Focus


vascular development, cancer, disease, UQ centre for cardiac & vascular biology
Vascular development, cancer and disease

The genes that control blood and lymphatic vessel formation also control vessel growth in disease, cancer and tissue repair. We are investigating how the blood and lymphatic vascular lineages form during development and how they are altered in pathology.

cardiac development and disease, UQ centre for cardiac & vascular biology
Cardiac development and disease

For the heart to grow, reorganise its shape and develop specialised structures, complex cellular alterations must occur. We are investigating how the heart forms, the genetic programs that are crucial for its development, and what happens in cardiac disease.

regeneration and tissue engineering, UQ centre for cardiac & vascular biology
Regeneration and tissue engineering

We are using bioengineered heart muscle, cultured stem cells, engineering and microfluidics to understand and promote tissue regeneration in damaged cardiac muscle and vascular tissues. We also perform drug screens for cardiovascular drug discovery.

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